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High Definition Laser Scanning

Madigan Surveying provides high definition laser scanning services throughout Australia and prepares various types of outputs including BIM in Revit.

Please check out our sister company’s webite Laser Scanning Pty Ltd which is dedicated to innovative 3D high definition laser scanning services.

What is laser scanning?

3D Laser Scanning is used to define the shapes of objects, buildings or landscapes, and involves the creation of “point clouds” of data for the definition of the surfaces under inspection.

The scanners measure the fine details of complex shapes and geometric surfaces which require massive amounts of data for their accurate description, and where the use of conventional measurement methods would be impractical.

Multiple scans are merged into a single three-dimensional representation of the area and post-processed within various software packages.

Madigan Surveying has purchased one of the new generations of laser scanners, the Leica ScanStation P40.  The P40 has the capacity to measure and record at the rate of 1,000,000 points per second and perform a full dome scan for the complete 360 degrees.

The proprietary software for processing the scans allows for the generation of data in formats to suit processing within the mainstream CAD packages: Autocad, Revit, Microstation.

Due to the increasing prevalence of the scan data, specific routines have been developed within the CAD packages for accessing the scan data as reference files, this allows for the efficient operation of the CAD software whilst accessing the extremely large scan data sets.

Madigan Surveying is an innovative company that has always been at the forefront in the adoption of new technology: the acquisition of the P40 allows the company to continue to provide clients with the most comprehensive options for servicing their requirements.

Ideal applications for laser scanning.

The P40 is ideally suited to application on the complete range of traditional survey tasks.

– Revit Modelling (BIM)
– Facade Mapping
– Topographic Surveys
– Asbuilt Surveys of Engineering Structures
– Structural Steel Asbuilts
– Heritage buildings
– Plant and equipment
– Railway overheads, tunnels and bridges
– Major road intersections
– Earthworks
– Neighbourhood Character

Please see Videos page for examples

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