Company Profile

Company Profile

Madigan Surveying Pty Ltd was formed in 1979 to provide consultancy to the construction industry and associated professions.  From its inception, the company has built up a team of highly skilled Surveyors, technical support staff and cad employees expanding into a diverse range of survey services.

Currently employing approximately 35 people, Madigan Surveying has the skills and expertise to undertake a broad range of services from the management of large construction sites to simple 2 lot land subdivisions and have contributed to many of Melbourne’s well known and prominent landmarks.

Madigan Surveying is managed by a group of highly experienced Surveyors with many years in the survey industry.

Surveying Technology

Madigan Surveying stays at the forefront of surveying technologies.  We purchase the most up-to-date survey instrumentation and office software and hardware to service our clients.

  • Leica Scanstation RTC-360 (Latest high resolution Laser Scanner from Leica)
  • Nedo extender Tripod (+6m high stable tripod and invertible.  Ideal for pit surveys)
  • Leica Scanstation P40 High Definition Laser Scanner
  • Leica 1200 GPS
  • Leica BLK360
  • Leica Viva Series Total Stations with long range reflector less distance measurement
  • Digital Levels
  • Leica distometers
  • Optical Plummets
  • Microstation and Autocad Licences
  • Terramodel and Geocomp Licences

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